Gentoo full disk encryption

All the information for a Gentoo full disk encryption configuration is out there somewhere (the Internet), the problem is that there is no one centralized article/resource. So maybe, after all, Gentoo is not that well documented for more advanced setups. Below, I present some resources I found useful. Continue reading

Webmaster: the meaning of the word

The word webmaster is probably derived from the word postmaster (a person in charge of a post office), and up until recent years, it meant a single person in charge of a company website (or many websites). Recently, I’ve noticed that the term is notoriously misused, especially in job offers. Continue reading

XML sitemap generator

Sitemap Generator is a very useful tool for submitting your website sitemap to any search engine. It’s a Windows application but it works great under Linux, after installing it with Wine. The program is free but it’s not under a GPL license, so the terms might change in the future. The current release is a BETA version.